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Charlie's Lock, Framed Original Masterwork (16x20)
Charlie's Lock, Framed Original Masterwork (16x20)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Charlie's Lock, Framed Original Masterwork (16x20)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Charlie's Lock, Framed Original Masterwork (16x20)

Charlie's Lock, Framed Original Masterwork (16x20)

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From the Artist

Lock number 55, on the Chesterfield Canal, is locally known as “Charlie’s Lock” after the late Charlie Mitchell who was the keeper of the lock. You can read more about this interesting individual at The Chesterfield Canal Trust’s The Chesterfield Canal Trust’s website.
Based on a “Minimal List” YouTube video, “Charlie’s Lock” was a wonderful painting to create! Traveling simply has not been an option for most of us; and so, being able to let my mind wonder back to Britain was a wonderful experience. Painting each blade of grass … that, not so much!
Is an original masterwork outside your budget?  Good news, you can travel to the canals and locks of Britain with a high-quality print or enjoy a cup of tea in a beautiful mug and contemplate your next vacation!

About Watercolor Masterworks

Intensively planned and fanatically executed; these are the very best works that Eldon creates. The time required to see a masterwork to completion is measured in hours per inch. Details are created using multiple minute washes; building up layers of translucent pigment for rich deep colors that draw you into the scene!

Often confused with pencil drawings or photographs, due to his fine brushwork and exacting detail, Eldon’s watercolor masterworks can begin months or even years in advance of the finished work! Watercolor and pencil sketches often proceed these works with an eye towards bringing forward the spontaneity of the original spark of creation.

Purchasing a Masterwork is so much more than simple ownership. Each painting represents a huge investment of time and care. Masterworks capture the zenith of ability in the life of the artist. You are taking on the mantle of trustee for the painting, caring for it until handing it over to future generations.

You’re not just supporting Eldon in the moment; you’re helping to ensure that a part of him lasts beyond his lifetime and that is the hope of every artist.

About The Frame

The artwork comes with a double mat. The wooden frame is hand-crafted and finished in chalk paint and bee’s wax for a natural feel and appearance. Eldon selects the frame that best complements the artwork. Each frame includes low reflective UV protective glass, increasing the lifespan of the artwork and improve your enjoyment of your investment.

We’ve done all the work of preparing your artwork. Upon receiving your new heirloom all you need to do is hang it on your wall and begin years of enjoyment!

Care and Feeding Instructions

It is best to keep watercolor paintings away from direct sunlight. Also avoid hanging your painting in moist areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Extreme temperatures can also be detrimental.

Approximate Outside Frame Dimensions (inches): 18.5×22.5

Frame Size (inches): 16×20

Approximate Image Size (inches): 10×14

The color and dimensions of the work may very from what you see in the photographs.