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How Your Artwork is Prepared to Ship

Every piece of original artwork is special and unique.  It is very important to us that your order arrives unharmed and ready to bring joy into your heart.  To that end, here is what we do to prepare your artwork for shipping.

Framed Originals

1) After framing your artwork, we first tape the glass in case the unthinkable happens.  If the glass is broken, the tape helps to reduce the chance of the shards harming the image.


2) Once the glass is secured, we cover the artwork in a layer of tissue paper to reduce the chance of any minor blemishes occurring.

3) The artwork is then wrapped in heavy construction paper to protect against heavier wear during shipping.

4) We then add custom cardboard corner guards and as well as a cardboard back and face shield to ward off the effects "exuberant" handling from delivery personnel.

5) To guard against moisture, the assembly is then sealed inside a plastic bag. We then wrap our ever-increasing bundle of joy in enough bubble-wrap that the artwork does not move inside the shipping box.

6) All tucked up and ready to go!  Your artwork is placed inside the shipping box.  The shipping information is rechecked, applied to the box, and ready to be shipped!